Soundproof Curtain Buying Guide


1 - What makes a good sound insulation curtain?

An effective soundproof curtain has to be made with multiple layers of different fabrics, be quite thick and heavy. This means that lightweight curtains are acoustically almost ineffective.

Once hung, to guarantee the best sound insulation, the curtain shall not be flat but pleated. The curtain(s) will have to be wider than the width you wish to cover. Our Moondream soundproof curtains are made up of 3 or 4 different fabric layers and weigh between 2,5 kg to 4 kg depending on the model.

They have been engineered to deaden sounds coming from outside and partially absorb echo once inside the room, in order to create a quieter atmosphere. Moondream acoustic curtains have been tested and certified by independent laboratories. Our most effective curtain can reduce sound by up to 12dB.

All our anti-noise curtains are also 100% blackout and offer thermal insulation all year long.

2 - Will a sound insulation curtain solve my noise problem?

The effectiveness of a noise blocking curtain depends on the kind of noise you are experiencing and the construction of your building.

Please note that sound does not only come in through your windows but also seeps in through the walls.

Anti-noise curtains alone may not be enough, here are some tips to improve their performance: we suggest you use velcro tape to seal the edges of the curtains to the wall around your window. This will help reduce sound migration. Keep in mind that to guarantee effective sound insulation, additional applications should be considered such as double glazed windows, thick carpets, insulating foams, etc.

3 - Can Moondream soundproof curtains block traffic noise?

Our anti-noise curtains have been designed to block outside sounds as much as possible. However, as explained previously, their effectiveness depends a lot on the kind of noise you are experiencing and the results you hope to achieve.

When it comes to traffic noise, our sound insulation curtains will help but will not be able to completely block sounds because no curtain is able to do so. Indeed, traffic noise is notoriously the most complicated to block because it is mostly made up of low frequencies.

To be more explicit: if you are experiencing constant traffic noise, our curtains will certainly help muffle the sound for more comfort, but no acoustic curtain made up of fabric will ever be able to block low frequencies to 100%.

4 - Can Moondream soundproof curtains block voices?

Although our acoustic curtains cannot entirely block voices (talking, laughing, singing), they can help deaden sounds and make them more distant and less aggressive to the ear.

If you live on a noisy street with restaurants and pubs, Moondream soundproof curtains will definitely improve the quality of your sonic environment and provide a significant noise reduction.

5 - Can Moondream soundproof curtains be used to block inside noise?

Once in, the noise creates what is called a "rebound effect". This means the sound bounces all over the room (ceiling-walls-floor).

The multi-layered construction of our Moondream anti-noise curtains, which makes them heavy and thick, is the main quality needed to absorb sounds inside a room and keep them from echoing. In a recording studio for example, in addition to the usual soundproofing equipment, they help ensure a "neutral sound".

Our Moondream 4in1 room divider curtains are the most suitable here. Tests conducted by independent laboratories have shown that they absorb inside noise up to 9db.

6 - What are the different types of sound?

There are many different categories of sounds, from natural to man-made. In big cities, we are constantly exposed to artificial sounds, often quite aggressive.

Here at Moondream, we try to find solutions to protect you from noise pollution and help create a quieter environment. This involves reducing continuous noise (such as machines that run without interruption), intermittent noise (trains, planes, sirens), impulsive noise (construction machinery) and low frequency noise (traffic).

We are exposed to low frequency noise the most, and it is also the hardest type of noise to reduce, let alone block. As such, to be effective against low frequency noise, the best bet is to mix different solutions: double-glazed windows, noise-reducing curtains, thick rugs, etc.

7 - How do acoustic curtains work?

Moondream soundproof curtains are made up of several layers, each of which has its own function. It is the combination of these layers that makes an anti-noise curtain effecient.

Certain sound frequencies, in particular high frequencies, will be “reflected” by the metallized layer. This is not the case with all frequencies, and some of them will continue to go through. Their echo in the room will be absorbed by the thick cotton layer at the back.

To sum up, even if you keep on hearing sounds, you will not be as bothered by them as you were before. Feedback and reviews from our customers state that although they still hear some noise, it seems more distant and for example, they are not woken up by it at night anymore.

8 - Which one of your acoustic curtains should I choose?

Your choise will depend on your needs. You can compare all noise blocking curtains here.

Our 3in1 soundproof curtains are ideal for your windows or doors. Several models exist: cotton piqué effect, velvet or linen. Depending on the model, they are available in different sizes or finishes, and offer different results.

Our 4in1 room divider curtain is the ideal choice to give structure to your rooms and give you the freedom to design your spaces. It is identical on both sides.

9 - How to soundproof my front door?

For a door curtain you can choose to fix a rod above the door, or you can go for a door-rod. The only requirement is to cover the entire door and its frame.

As regards the practical, day-to-day use, we advise you to choose one of our 3in1 soundproof curtains which will be more practical than a 4in1 curtain because of its thickness and weight.

Moondream sound blocking curtains will help dampen sounds coming from the staircase or the landing. At the same time, you will gain privacy since voices coming from inside the apartment will be muffled, less audible from outside.

10 - Which curtain rod to choose?

Anti-noise curtains are heavy, from 2.5 kg to 4 kg depending on the model. You will need a rod that can at least support the weight of your curtain(s), preferably more. The inner diameter of our eyelets is 40mm, the diameter of the rod should not exceed 30mm.

This rod must be securely fixed in the walls or the ceiling, and for large widths, we recommend a central support to prevent it from sagging.

Some of our soundproof curtains are also available with pencil pleat in which case you will need a rail/track that meets the requirements set out above.

11 - How to clean my Moondream noise blocking curtain?

If you have to clean a small spot, it is possible to use a slightly damp cloth or sponge over the fabric to clean the area in question.

Machine washing is not an option, all our soundproof curtains must be dry cleaned. You will find the maintenance instructions for each model on its product page.

Acoustic curtains can be ironed, but only at low temperature, on the front fabric side and not the lining(s).

12 - Why should I choose Moondream sound insulation curtains?

Moondream sound insulation curtains are made up of 3 or 4 layers. With us, nothing is random. We have conducted many tests in laboratories to find the best combination of fabrics.

Our main concern was to create a curtain heavy enough (but not too heavy) to be used by everyone. Today we are proud to have a European patent for our Moondream acoustic curtain (European patent No. 2623681), but what we’re really proud of are our customer reviews:

“Second order of soundproof drapes. Still the best product out there. Not completely soundproof but absolutely knocks down the sharpest and louder of sounds. Plus they look great. I also truly love the customer service.” 25/04/2018 by E. Lowell

“I was very skeptical of the sound curtains. We live on a busy street and the noise at night was driving me crazy. These curtains actually work! Does it stop the sound completely? No. Does it significantly reduce the sound that comes through the window? YES! We liked them so much that we bought multiple curtains for several rooms/windows. Great product, service, and very fast delivery!” 15/03/2018 by Nicole

In addition to that, all of our acoustic curtains are multifunctional and provide a blackout and thermal insulation as well - so with just one curtain you can shield your home from noise, light, heat and cold!

13 - Can I shorten my curtains?

All our soundproof curtains (excluding Premium and 4in1 room divider curtains) are delivered with an iron-on tape allowing you to adjust the length of your curtains by a few centimeters to fit your windows.

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to use the iron-on tape. Please note that linings are intentionally a few centimeters shorter, as the iron-on tape is only to be applied on the first layer of fabric. To secure the hem, we recommend that you add a few stitches on both edges.

For a bigger hem, the iron-on tape may not be enough. However, we strongly recommend that you do not cut these curtains yourself due to their construction in several layers. Please entrust this task to a professional. If you need specific dimensions, you can also order a custom-made sound insulation curtain.

14 - Are Moondream anti-noise curtain fire retardant?

No, only our fire retardant blackout curtains are M1 certified.