Moondream offers more than 500 different models of ready-to-hang curtains, but if you need special dimensions or a different finish, you can simply order a custom curtain that exactly fits your needs! 


We will launch our made-to-measure service in our Portuguese webstore in December 2020.

In case you don’t want to wait, you can already place a custom curtain order via our English (prices shown in GBP) or Spanish (prices shown in EUR) web store :

  • Please select United Kingdom or Spain when entering the delivery address for your order and contact us afterwards to change the delivery country to Poland.

If you need help before placing your order, our Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you. Please send them the following details for your custom curtain when contacting them for a quote:

  • Type of curtain: Blackout/Thermal/Soundproof/Outdoor Fabric and Color choice(s)
  • Fixation system: Eyelet, Rod Pocket (curtain rod) or Pencil Pleats (curtain rail)
  • Dimensions: Width of your curtain pole or rail + Height (please note that we will calculate the final width of the curtain for you based on your fixation system)
  • Number of panels: Do you want one or two curtain panels for your window?

Please also consult our Custom Curtain Buying Guide for more information: